Tips for Selecting the Ideal Law Firm Answering Service

After you decided that you need assistance from a law firm answering service, you have to consider which one is best to hire. Such providers are not typically the same, but there are services and features you cannot compromise when looking for the right contact center service for lawyers. Below are some important points to consider:


In most cases, when someone gets in touch with an attorney, they need immediate help or advice. If a potential client is unable to find you via your phone because you're busy, they'll move on to the next attorney, and that means lost business. So, choose an answering service for attorneys that guarantees availability any time of the day or week. It's even better for you if the provider is available during weekends and holidays at no additional fees.

Financial Viability

One reason for choosing answering services for attorneys is the reduced costs due to the eliminated need to hire your own receptionists. That makes it economically sensible to outsource law receptionist services to providers that make a substantial difference in costs for your law firm. Talk to any shortlisted providers and see what they price plan is.

Bilingual Services

For sure, you want to enlist a service that hires English speakers to respond to your clients' calls. But you're better off picking a team that's bilingual. For instance, you may need your provider to provide staff that can also speak Spanish, or the second-most common language in your target client-base. This way, communication won't be a business opportunity-denying problem when non-English speakers try to reach out to you.


It's important that an answer service is suited to the legal profession before any law firm hires it. They may be a big contact center, but they should have a division that caters to the interests of lawyers and their clients. Such an answer service will be in a better position to satisfactorily handle legal issues and terms that other remote customer support agents may be not be well-versed with.


Consider the volume of inbound calls expected at your law firm when choosing your answering service. Do they have the right number of remote receptionists to handle client inquiries in a timely manner?

Always pick a law firm answering service that's suited to your specific needs. The service must be available when potential clients come calling. Their pricing plan, size of support staff, and multilingual capabilities matter too.
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